Fenix Events Wedding Venues Melbourne

Fenix is a venue in Richmond in Melbourne We're a food focused venue and we love weddings we love making happy memories for peopleand working with people to create perfect events Here at Fenix we are all about hospitality in every sense of the word.

we love working with people on their event journeys and creating really happy memories I really love what I do here at Fenix, when couples come to Fenix for the first time I get to be a part of that journey with them.

There's a group of us that work in a similar role and we get to explore all the wedding options for the couple with them and it's really exciting From that initial meeting we'll walk them through the venue We like to show them all the different things we have on offer and see if that fits in with the ideas that they have.

It's very easy to know know what you don't want It's a lot harder to know what you do want so that's what we're here to help them with.

We find that couples come to Fenixbecause they're really interested in a wedding that's all about the guest experience, whether that be excellent food or excellent service We also find that, you know we're just a little bit differentfrom your traditional wedding venue we're a bit more contemporary, we're pretty modern we're quite unique and we really like that about ourselves and we find that a lot of other people do as well One of the best things I think about being a couple at Fenix is that you're really guided the whole way through the journey You are assigned a personal coordinator who's going to help you with your floor plans and they'll liaise will your suppliers You do get a menu tasting which is a really, really fun night.

You get to meet the chefs, meet our wine reps and have a really good time It's such a big day to plan and we love helping you along the whole journey I love being in the venue when the big day is finally here It's so much fun.

There's such a vibe of excitement and anticipation and you know it's like being behind the scenes before the curtain goes up from our operations staff who are here getting the venue ready and making sure everything looks perfect to our event coordinator who is making sure the place cards are in the right spot.

The chefs in the kitchen preparingthe food and making sure everything's going according to plan it's such a great atmosphere and it's really fun to be a part of it The Fenix experience is all abouthospitality in every sense of the word it's about the guest experience and having a fantastic time.

It's about fun.

You know weddings are an amazing celebration and that's exactly what you get here We do what we do here because we are all about happiness.

Our team wants everyone who walks through our doors to walk back out of them with a big smile on their face and feelingsatisfied that they've made the right decision Here are Fenix we are all about excellence without exception.

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