Cold Creek Farm – North Georgia Wedding Venue

We came up one afternoon and just looked around the property and we immediately fell in love and we just knew that this was where we wanted to spend our special day.

They were just there for like everything.

They were just so nice and welcoming.

The whole process was just easy.

and relaxing it was easy it was very ever with the thinking part is a little unconventional just because of the setting the animals you don't typically find that a wedding venue and I think that's part of the Lord to some of our customers it's just something different I started following them on Instagram I just love everything that they did and so can we toured it was beautiful one of the things that I really liked was the rustic look that was a big thing that she was going for in our wedding and they delivered it meeting season and Jeff they were just fantastic and I need that they would take really good care of us we treat people the way you want to be treated our first and foremost concern is what the bride wants just trying to make their day because it's not our day it's their day we also really like the packaging you could kind of pick and choose that made it a lot easier we've got our all-inclusive package setup so that it really is all in opposite we have a gold in a silver level you would receive everything that you need for your day it includes the catering the bakery the florists coordinators photography efficient djs the decorating staff is included in that as well you're welcome to upgrade anything that we do you can bring in outside vendors you can eliminate anything from the package it was just nice knowing that the load was kind of taken off of our shoulders and that they picked up a lot of responsibility every two months we have a vendor meetings and all of our couples that have booked with us are invited to the meeting and active in a meeting when they arrived they're giving a packet that has all the decisions they need to make kind of pick out their style and then in the center of the barn will have all of our vendors in our photographers our wedding coordinators everybody's going to be a part of your wedding visitors that we select work with us have a passion for what they're doing and for our couples I really enjoyed the video meeting because you got to meet everybody in you know right away what was imagine on is amber Stewart and I'm a coordinator here at Cold Creek Farm also do some of the decorating the decorating process starts when a bride comes to vendors meeting you get to pick and choose different centerpieces different flowers that best fits your needs coal creek and grows every month or adding new things and they're making the venue be better for brides and just awesome to see there are more than willing to have a lovely time for a phone conversation with us at eight thirty nine o'clock at night it felt like home coming here it just felt like I was getting married in my backyard it's our home so opening our home up to the public is is huge I like to see people enjoying themselves i like to see the love shared between families and friends lots of memories have been made and shared here it's a blessing that we have been given the opportunity to do this.

Source: Youtube