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So this girl is having his wedding reception in just two days.

hello? Can i speak to vendayna please who am I speaking with? this is abdo i am the of the *BOOP* oh hi how are you im good how are you? is this vendayana? yes this is how are you doing ok excellent uhhhh how do you pronounce your name i not the best with names oh you can call me V just like the letter.

But my name is vandana ohh ok vandanoo van dan na okay excellent uhh yeah you know i dont believe we meet before you know we had an issue with our curent booking with us for this weekend whats the problem ? well it has been brought to our attention that you will be serving Indian food at your wedding and uhh unfortunately that will be a problematic for us I'm sorry? We just did some renovations and we had the carpet cleaned and after some discussions with management uhh we just cannot allow you to hold the reception here but contractually you guys agreed to doing this so I don't see how that's something I have yeah but in item 6 section C it talks about like smelly or staining food that are strictly prohibited in our establishment you know I just want to figure out maybe I solution with you or like try to help out well I mean I to say that to assume that all the foods smelly or whatever is interesting but but to tell me two days before without having some alternative is this is not the time to be telling me all this well yeah we wanted we wanted to give you ample heads up to like you know talk about it and uhh we can at least change the menu to like American cuisine what do you think about that No! we cannot do that is there another issue or is it just that? yeah, no well we don't really like to encourage to much ethnic cuisine here especially Indian food because you know like my ex wife was Indian actually so I've smelled enough of it! You know what I'm saying? I cant believe your saying half of these things to me! look I-I the things your saying to me are very rude look I don't mean to come across rude or anything like that I'm just very STRAIGHT FORWARD I don't want to hear about your ex wife and how your sick of smelling Indian food well just try not to worry to much this your getting married soon so- so be happy! we will figure this out together! but just tell me uhh are you willing change the menu perhaps? or or would you rather change the venue? ARE YOU I cant believe this thank you okay? thank you for your time look- you please don't make blank threats at me like that that's just rude and disrespectful no what kind of threat I'm just offering my options please I will have my fiancé call and talk to you No No No we're lets talk about this right now well as you wish so you are opting to cancel right? I AM NOT OPTING TO CANCEL SIR well look but we need to talk about it right now don't raise your voice or talk to quick lets my fiancé is on his my over there to see you guys why don't you talk to him in person instead of on the phone That would actually be better Look uhh vindaloo Sorry if I'm pronouncing it wrong just please try to work with me I'm not trying to stress you out or upset you or anything like that but What about for an additional cleaning and fumigation fee we can allow you to have the current menu option there I'm sorry I cant believe your saying these things to me No I-I'm just telling you like I've had really bad EXCPERIENCES In the past NO I'm not negotiating a contract that we already had two days before my wedding! We yeah but- I'm telling you that the contract is signed Just tell your husband to turn around and go home we'll cancel it Sir I- my fiancé's on his way over there he will discuss this with you in person Look- if he wants to cancel the whole thing and not pay you anything And get our money back I trust him Yeah but we- we can offer you like You know forty to fifty percent off your deposit Theres gon' be no problem about that we can do that for you Hello- Hello? Look I- I uh don't know I think we got disconnected I don't want you to be THIS IS THE MAID OF HONOUR your on speaker phone right now with the bride but This is totally unacceptable its two days before the wedding There's no way your just now look at the contract after all this Well just relax and take a breath okay? like were gonna figure this out I-I-I do think i would enjoy talking to V or whoever it was so I would prefer if you talk to all of us or I'm gonna hang up the phone I understand but this is Abdo and this is an A and V converstation so i would love it if you would C your way out to the other room she just wants me to hang up the phone look i-i called back because i feel like we got off on the wrong foot *hangs up* *laughs* Oh my god dude shes like so annoyed Vandana stopped answering no matter how many times I called back I wanted to let her know it was a prank before anything too crazy happened or they actually called the venue themselves So i decided to call her wedding planner's phone.

She was in on the prank and with her at the time *ring* He-hello? Look can you have her pick up the telephone one more time please? Wait? How'd you get my number? who is this? Its on the file as the emergency contact On the emergency contact? yeah can you put it on speaker telephone one more time? No.

so what is it that we can do uh we don't understand what is going on I just want to give you my sincerest- just fifteen seconds of your time Okay i want to give you my she wants me to hang up the phone Just put me on speaker telephone can you put me on speaker telephone Okay one sec one sec *almost lost it* if this is a mistake you need to apologize Well yeah I've been apologizing so let me just i want to talk to her for one second YOU'RE ON SPEAKER PHONE SHE CAN HEAR YOU Okay look V uh Vindaloo i need to tell you something that uhh Your friends set up a harmless little prank on you OH MY GAWD You stupid who is this? who are you? I'm a voice actor and comedian i have a youtube channel called ownage pranks Uhm OW MY GAWSH he does the thing the Ruk I Au *Laugh* are you that guy? i am that guy! Yes! *Collective excitement* I'm glad this break have a happy ending, uhh, she even invited me to the wedding reception.

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