Casa Loma – Best Toronto Wedding Locations

Hi, my name is Lisa Mark and I'm a professionalwedding photographer here in beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I have had the honour ofphotographing hundreds of weddings over the past ten years and in that time I have seensome beautiful wedding locations.

In this series I am going to be reviewingthe best wedding locations in Toronto.

Today we’re going to be taking a look atone of Toronto’s most historic wedding venues and tourist attractions – Casa Loma.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto,Casa Loma is a gothic revival style mansion but most of us just think of it as Toronto’sonly castle.

Casa Loma – which translates to ‘House on the Hill’ – was built in1911 by Henry Pellatt for his beloved wife.

Often seen in television and movies, the propertyboasts impressive exteriors, gardens and fountains.

The beautiful architecture and occasionalghost stories make Casa Loma a dramatic and whimsical Toronto wedding venue.

Casa Loma is a pretty versatile venue as faras setup goes.

You can have a beautiful indoor ceremony inside the conservatory, or I believethere is now an outdoor option in a tent in the garden, but I haven’t photographed awedding there yet.

Couples getting married during the hottermonths of the year will be happy to hear that air conditioning was added to this venue in2013 in the conservatory and the library.

Cocktail hour is held on the outdoor backpatio & front lobby area.

Photos can be taken out front, in the gardensbehind the castle, the patio and the front hallway, and receptions are set up in thelibrary.

Capacities: The Great Hall: 120-250 guestsThe Library: 220 – 300 guests The Conservatory: 198 guests ceremony, 110-220reception The Glass Pavilion: 250 – 350 guests Casa Loma is a very good location for rainoptions.

The main options for indoor photos are inside the conservatory and the library.

You don’t have access to much more of the building as it’s historical and many roomsare off-limits.

And now for my favourite feature of Casa Loma: The exterior.

It’s stunning and very unique,but it’s also a crazy busy tourist spot.

During our designated photo times, there arealways still a ton of tourists milling around.

You really have to get creative and make peacewith the fact that the occasional tourist might end up in your backgrounds, despitethe best effort of your photographer.

I love how dancing is held in the conservatoryas it can look so dramatic with the right lighting.

Blue for example looks amazing! Overall, if you’re looking for a gorgeousand historical wedding venue that is equipped to handle your wedding from ceremony to reception,Casa Loma might be the perfect fit for your wedding! Please share this video with your engagedfriends who might be looking for a very historic & dramatic wedding venue in downtown Toronto.

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