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[MUSIC] Hi baby.

>> Hi baby.

>> You want me to grab that? >> Thank you.

[MUSIC] This is going to be so good for us.

I'm going to invite you overto my place for movies.

>> Are you? >> Yes.

>> I think we're going to be the coolestmarried couple on the block.

>> I think so too.

>> Smelly.

Let's not play that right now.

Ooh, yes, I am glad you are taking that.

>> Me too.

It's gonna be so good for our sex life.

Like, who's gonna staythe night at whose house? >> Yes, a little bit illicit.

>> It is a little bit illicit.

>> Back door Lana.

>> Welcome to my back door, lady.

>> Mm-hm.

>> Yeah, you gonna be my little.

>> Yeah, I'm glad you're taking this rug.

It's so gross.

>> Yeah,that's not the only thing I'm gonna take.

>> [LAUGH] Hold on, what time is it? We have to meet them atthe venue at like an hour.

>> Okay, so we have 30 minutes.

>> I know, but I want to get ready.

>> Sid.

>> What? I thought that we were agreed that we'rejust going really quickly to humor Kasha and the Finland Fog guy.

>> Julian.

Julian Lucasia is his name.

He's a huge fucking deal.

Please don't call him that.

Also, I know, I'm with you.

It's, we can't afford it.

It's ridiculous.

We've already got a place that's socute, and we love? That's right, and you know mama like that.

>> Yes, I just wanna make sure we'renot getting talked into any more crazy stuff, okay? >> Mm-hm.

>> We fight when that happens.

>> We're not, we are fighters.

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> But not with each other.

>> No, we're lovers.

>> You know what though? I do wanna just changemy shirt really fast.

And then, let me get.

[MUSIC] Table's on the bottom, just keep it low.

God, Sidney's audacious chapeau.

>> Thank you.

>> I can go either way with hats.

So I feel like if you're gonna wearone though you better nail it.

>> Ooh, Kasha, I have a littleinterior decorating project that I would love get your advice on.

So you know how me andSid have that little back house? >> You girls have a back house.

>> Mm-hm.

>> Julian how long haveyou been at Finland Fog? >> Not long at all but before that Iwas a photo journalist at the Times for way too many years.

>> Five years, I think I read.

>> Yeah, well I met a guy.

>> We decided we wanna have a child butthat requires that I have a job that sort of is in the service of my life andnot the other way around.

>> That is 100% my philosophyabout work verbatim.

>> [LAUGH]>> Why is that funny? That is, It is.

It's like a mantra.

>> Well, pretty nice right? >> You kidding me? It's gorgeous.

>> Yeah, yeah, it's really, really, reallynice and it's probably really, really, really out of our price range.

[MUSIC] >> Thank you.

>> You're so pretty.

[MUSIC] >> All right, see that's whatI'm talking about right there.

I knew that if we waited long enough forthe right couple it would pay off.

>> Yeah andthey clean up really well don't they? >> [LAUGH] Could you do me a hugefavor just if you'd indulge me? Maybe if we can get right here inthis little space over here and could I get that kiss again? >> Yeah, that kiss? >> That kiss.

>> Just like a candid one? >> Just like a perfect one.

The one you just did.

>> What?>> Yeah, the same, see this is what I like aboutwhat I like about this place for you guys because here's what it says tome, it says we're not like everybody else.

In fact, we're better.

>> You're totally right.

>> Better.

>> Yeah.

>> Now do me a favor,could you back up maybe a yard.

>> Here? >> Yeah, yeah, yeah,there you go, right there.

And maybe just recreatethat we found it look.

>> We actually don't know yetif we're getting.

>> Ladies, ladies I can get you somuch more PR with this space and it is notorious for throwing people into the spotlight Imean there'd be lots of eyes on it.

Taste makers.

>> Holy shit, the light in here,it's amazing.

>> I think that we should figure out howmuch it costs and we should go home and we should talk about it.

>> Okay.

>> So we need to be pushy.

>> Okay, I don't>> Sid look at me.

>> Sydney look right here.

>> Okay can I see.

>> See, very Dianne Sawyer.

>> My god.

>> Someone needs to write Mike Nichols andtell him you're sorry for everything.

>> [LAUGH] You're so stupid.

I never look good in pictures.

>> That's not true.

>> So it's a go.

>> One look.

>> Whoa.

>> Okay.

>> Is this normal,is this what people pay for stuff? >> Yes if you want the good stuff that'swhat it is, that's what people pay.

>> Is this is before rentals? >> Think of it this way ladies.

>> No.

>> You only get married once.

>> You can save when you're dead.

>> Think about all the picturesyou're gonna have for your children with photos of your wedding,my photos of your wedding.

Then you want it to befucking spectacular? >> Yeah, we do.

>> And then on top of itthe readers of Finland Fog, most of whom have never seen a lady,lady wedding before.

It's groundbreaking.

This is bigger than you.

>> I really love it,I really, really love.

Like when do we get like this? Never, we can figure it out, please.

Look at me, look at me.

>> Okay, if you think we can afford it.

>> Yeah, I do.

>> Okay.

>> I'll figure something out.

>> There are other waysthat we can cut costs.

I've got a few ideas.

>> Great, perfect.

So, good, good, good? Good? [MUSIC] Okay, [SOUND] take it away.

>> This is gonna be great.

>> The deed is done.

>> I'm glad you're happy.

>> I am so happy.

[LAUGH]>> Hey, take a picture.

>> Take a picture.

>> And let's go home.

And I'm gonna make you dinner at my place.

>> Okay.


>> Wait up.

[MUSIC] >> Well a lot smaller than I'm used to butI think I can make it work.

How much do you normally charge? >> We don't normally rent it out.

Anything to cover your fee, I guess.

>> Is all this stuff included? >> We could probably toss some stuffin there for an extra cost, I think.

>> That's not what I was asking.

I just wanted to know if I wouldhave to look at it for much longer.

>> Okay.

>> Ooh,although that statue is really nice.

>> That reminds me ofa cat I used to know.

How about this rug? That's a no.


>> What do you want to drink? >> No, no, no, no, I got this.

Shot of tequila, glass of wine.

>> Why do you say that? >> Because she's a party girl andyou're a practical lady.

>> Right, yeah.

>> Okay.

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