Outdoor Wedding Venues in Northern Michigan

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Northern Michiganhttp://hortoncreekgiveaway.


ComFree Horton Creek Wedding Giveaway If you are looking for wedding venues in Northern Michigan, look no further.

Horton Creek Weddings offers two of the best outdoor wedding venues that Northern Michigan has to offer.

If you are still searching for your reception venue, you know that Northern Michigan wedding locations are hard to come by.

For a true, Northern Michigan wedding reception, Horton Creek Weddings is right choice.

Receptions in northern Michigan are more commonly held in outdoor wedding venues.

So why not choose a Northern Michigan wedding location that specializes in outdoor wedding ceremonies? Rustic yet elegant, Horton Creek Weddings is the perfect place in Northern Michigan to have a wedding.

To learn more about the top outdoor reception venues in Northern Michigan, visit our website today.

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