Distillery District – Best Toronto Wedding Locations

Hi, my name is Lisa Mark and I'm a professionalwedding photographer here in beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I have had the honour ofphotographing hundreds of weddings over the past ten years and in that time I have seensome beautiful wedding locations.

In this series I am going to be reviewingthe best wedding locations in Toronto.

Today we’re going to be taking a look atarguably the most popular wedding hot spot in all of Toronto – The Historic DistilleryDistrict.

As one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions,TheDistillery District isn’t a venue in and of itself, but rather a pedestrian-only entertainmentdistrict.

The Gooderham and Worts whiskey distillery dates back to the mid-1800’sbut fell into disrepair before being declared a historic site by the city of Toronto andrevitalized and re-opened in 2003 and is dedicated to arts, culture and entertainment.

The restoredVictorian-era buildings are home to more than 70 boutique businesses.

Many of the restaurantsand art galleries that call the Distillery District home regularly host weddings.

You are able to rent out the various eventspaces in the Distillery District to host both wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Some popular wedding venues include: Arta Gallery, Thompson Landry & The FermentingCellar All indoor spaces are independently ownedbusinesses and require separate photography permits and permissions.

You do not have accessto business interiors with a Distillery District photography permit.

The Distillery photo permitcovers outside only, and it doesn’t matter if there’s an art festival or yoga festival(which once happened to me!), you need to work around it when it gets very, very busy.

One tip – remember how busy this spot getson a Saturday in the summer.

Please don’t choose this location if you aren’t okaywith some tourists potentially getting into your backgrounds.

It can be tricky sometimesto work around them in such a busy location.

There are many cool indoor spaces for whichyou can buy a separate photography permit for a rain option.

Specifically the art galleriesand Balzac’s Coffee Shop work well as a rain location option, but don’t forget youalways need permission and a permit! And now for my favourite feature of The HistoricDistillery District: The red brick and the sunlight that bouncesaround the alleyways on a bright day.

My clients always love wedding party photos taken withthe old rusted out truck that sometimes moves around the Distillery District but it alwaysaround somewhere.

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